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Peter Kfoury is a Lebanese-American who grew up listening to Middle Eastern music. While in his teens he started playing the oud, the direct ancestor of the lute and the principle instrument in all of the countries and cultures of the Middle East. Over time, he has played not only the traditional Arabic music, but has used all of the influences of the American melting pot to develop a unique style that fuses Middle Eastern with jazz, pop and even funk! He presents a varied program with beautiful songs, original material and classics in a melodic and percussive style. His first album is "At The Heart of Two Worlds" available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and

His latest album "Breaking All The Rules" is a tour de force of original compositions and features not only fabulous oud playing and percussion, but also two amazing vocalists, bass, keyboards, violin, a Cuban horn section and even a didgeridoo! You can find this unique album of world fusion on all the streaming services. 



Peter Kfoury The Oud Dude


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World Music Cafe/North Charleston Arts Festival

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Fox Music House, 4248 Dorchester Rd, No. Charleston, SC

For the first time World Music Cafe will produce a show for the North Charleston Arts Festival....and what a show it will be! The amazing Cuban percussionist and vocalist Gino Castillo will appear with the beautiful and talented keyboardist and vocalist Iliana Rose. And that's not all....Peter Kfoury of Middle Eastern Jazz fame will bring in from Asheville NC percussionist Brandi and there will be a special appearance by belly dancer Dana as well! Admission will be free as part of the festival, so don't miss this opportunity for a special evening of rocking World Music entertainment!

Peter Kfoury