At the Heart of Two Worlds

by Peter Kfoury

Released 2015
Released 2015
Unique Middle Eastern music fused with Jazz, Blues and Funk!
The oud found me when I was a teenager. As a Lebanese-American, I grew up listening to Middle Eastern music but as a teen, rock & roll ruled. As the magnetic pull of heritage mixed with social upheaval and the incredibly rich music scene of the late sixties, I was drawn to bring the oud into the rock, blues and jazz scene that I had come to love.

At The Heart Of Two Worlds is the culmination of all these influences. It is a true fusion that reflects my experience and belief that all worlds have indeed, one heart. With melody, feeling and driving percussion I feel sure that this music will take you on a journey that all will elevate all cultures....and all hearts.

Features Peter Kfoury on Acoustic & Electric Oud and Jamie Papish on Percussion.